The Emergency Dentists supply great emergency dental treatment in the prestigious neighborhood of Holborn station / Tottenham Court Road, in Central London.

When calling the emergency number, you will be put through to a trained and experienced customer care staff member for advice, and you can book a same day appointment with our London emergency dentists.

The customer care representative will prioritize your case and do his/her best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible within the next 6 hours. The place is of course subject to availability, but most patients are seen immediately, and all dental appointments are carried out the same day at our London emergency dental practice.

In case we would not be able to pick up the phone please leave your name and number and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Our treatments include a treatment plan and a quotation!

Book An Appointment

Come and check in immediately! Same day appointment fee is £ 57, £ 20 is DEDUCTIBLE!

  • Same day appointment
  • Dental patients are seen immediately
  • Dental treatment carried out on the same day
  • Dental treatment plan & quotation included

What will happen if I call the emergency dentist number?

1. On dialling the emergency dentist number of the Emergency Dentists Dental Clinic you will be answered by a Multilingual Customer Service who will take your preliminary details as Name, Phone number, Credit Card information and inform the emergency dentist who is on call that day.Our staff members speak English, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Italian, German, Slovakian and French.

2. An emergency dental appointment will be given to you for same day appointments if available. if not available, the nearest emergency dental appointment will be offered.

3. Our Customer Service will direct you to our London emergency dental clinic. You will get information about how to get to us and when your appointment is via e-mail and text message for your convenience.

4. In case a member of staff is not able to answer your call please leave your name and telephone number on the answering machine and our colleague will call you back as soon as possible regarding your dental treatment.

5. You can save 30% - 40% compared to other emergency dental practices in London.

6. Take a look at our price list and see our great, reasonable emergency dental treatment prices!


» Toothache

Do you have a toothache and need emergency dental treatment?

Get in touch with us right now! If you have a toothache and need to see a dentist in an emergency look no further. Our Emergency Dental clinic has a multi-lingual team that can cater to your emergency dental treatments. Our emergency dental practice based in central London can provide you with fast relief for your toothache.

What to do with a Toothache

Call our London Emergency Dental Clinic to make an appointment at the earliest available dental appointment. Remember, the longer you wait, the greater the risk of even more serious complications.

Antibiotics £15

» Swelling

You may find that your gums are swollen.

Swelling like this can cause a lot of discomfort and you may need a dentist to look at your gums immediately, in an emergency dental appointment. Our London Emergency Dental Clinic can provide you withwith fast relief 7 days a week. We are based in London and have a multi lingual team of dental specialists available.

What to do in case of swelling?

Gum swelling can happen for a wide variety of reasons, and finding the cure at home may be difficult. Simply call our Emergency Dental Practice for an accurate diagnosis. Treatment can be done on the same day as diagnosis. Call us before the situation gets any worse!

Root canal treatment from £367

Periodontal Surgery from £77

» Crown falls off

Has your crown fallen off your tooth?

Make sure you don't lose it. Our Emergency Dental Clinic based in London can fix it. No matter the time of day, our dental treatments can cater to your needs. We have a multi lingual team of expert dentists on hand ready to help you.

What should you do in case your crown falls off?

First, make sure you don't lose it, as our emergency dentists can fix it again. Call us for an emergency appointment. If we cannot come to the phone, leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our multi lingual staff will help you and inform you on what options we can provide you with.

Recementation from £77

» Broken denture

Do you have a broken denture? Cracked or split denture?

Our Emergency Dental Clinic can help you; our multi lingual team of qualified dentist can easily fix your broken dentures. Although easy to fix, it is advised not to do yourself, as this may further damage your dentures. Fixing them requires specialized tools and materials, that we have readily available at our very own dental laboratory located at our central london emergency dental practice!

Your dentures can break for a variety of reason and you're advised to change your dentures approximately every seven years or so. This is due to the fact that as you grow older, the shape of your face and jaw will change and your dentures will naturally become loose and more ill-fitting. Using broken dentures is dangerous and can result in dental traumas.

Temporary dentures from £97

Denture repair from £157

» Dental traumas

Dental traumas and emergencies

Our Emergency Dental Clinic in London can help you with any dental traumas and emergencies. We can help you if you have a broken tooth, or if your tooth got chipped or fractured. No matter what you dental injury is, we can help you. Our professional and high qualified team of dental experts can help you and perform the correct dental surgery needed to resolve your injury.

There are a few different types of dental injuries, this includes:

» Chipping of enamel, this is the slightest case of dental trauma. You should still treat it as an emergency,a s it is sure to lead to problems in the future.

» A deep fracture can involve the enamel and the dentin of a tooth, which makes it painful, and leaves the tooth more prone to infection and the development of caries.

» A fracture that shows both the dentin and the pulp tissue should be treated by qualified dental professionals as soon as possible, as the tooth can become infected, inflamed, and a root canal treatment can become necessary.

» Knocked out Teeth

Emergency Dental Treatment for knocked out Teeth?

An Adult tooth that has become dislodged can sometimes be reimplanted. In most cases, only permanent or adult teeth are reimplanted into the mouth.

Contact our Emergency Dental Clinic immediately when a tooth is broken or knocked out. An emergency dental procedure may be needed, to reimplant your knocked out tooth.

A missing tooth can lead to loss of alveoilar tissue, which cnalead to more missing teeth. Get treatment as soon as posisble, and try to salvage your tooth!

Fillings from £117

Temporary crowns £37

» Extruding Teeth

There are different cases of teeth extruding.

Either the tooth is pushed inward or outward and / or may be out of its place. It is best to have a qualified dentist look at this immediately. Our emergency dentists are fully qualified and will take care of your dental needs.

What should I do in case of an extruding tooth?

You should call our Emergency Dental Clinic to make an appointment to see one of our multi lingual specialist dental practitioners.

In the mean time, we suggest you do not force the tooth back into its socket. If possible use a moist tissue to hold the tooth in place.

Extractions from £137

Wisdom tooth extractions from £197

» Get your consultation in Central London

Fractured Teeth

Tooth fractures can be of different types and each type of fractured tooth need to be treated differently. Our Emergency Dental Clinic in London employs fully qualified dental professionals who are well able to help with any kind of fracture! Call us now and book an emergency dental appointment today!

There are different types of fractured tooth:

» Slight Cracks.

These are just surface cracks on the enamel of the tooth. The tooth may become sensitive, the gums may swell, and chewing and biting may become difficult.

» Cracked tooth.

When a tooth suffers structural damage to its surface, it can crack all the way down to its neck. A cracked tooth can become inflamed, become sensitive, or downright painful, and can become infected quite easily.

» Broken Cusps.

When a cusp breaks off, a crown is almost always needed to rectify the situation. The tooth will become extremely painful as the nerve will become exposed, and swelling, possibly even bleeding may occur.

» Split Tooth.

If you can save the part of the tooth that has become dislodged, do so,a s this may save your tooth! If both ends are still in the mouth, do not pull them out! Book an appointment immediately and rush over to our London Emergency Dentistry!

» Chips.

If a piece of your tooth has become chipped off, you may find that your tooth starts to hurt. The dentine is exposed, and the nerve may also be exposed too, and this way, you can be sure that food and other items may become stuck in your tooth.

» Decay.

If your decay is extensive enough, the structural integrity of your tooth may be compromised. If left untreated, pain, infection, and much further reaching complications may occur.

What to do in case of a fractured tooth?

It is best to get your fractured tooth treated immediately and at your earliest convenience. Our Emergency Dental Clinic is conveniently based in central London making it easily accessible to you. Call us today to book an appointment to see one of our dental practitioners today.